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Applied Botany

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Ratikanta Maiti, Humberto G Rodriguez, Ashok K. Thakur and N C Sarkar

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The association of mankind with plants is one of the oldest relationships of two different forms of life on our planet. The existence of man cannot be imagined without the plants; however the plants are capable to sustain their existence at their own. That is the extent of application of plants or the botany in our as well as other forms of life. The plants possess the natural ability to trap the solar energy and convert it into products that are useful to the other organisms of higher order in the food chain.
With the development through advent of different civilizations, man started cultivation of plants as per their needs. In the inception of agriculture, the cultivation was confined to the food crops only. Later, with the development in agriculture the cultivation was expanded to the other crops. Today, the plants are being cultivated for food; fodder and feed; fibre and fabric; fire wood and fuel; fertilizers and manures; fabrication of houses and many other needs of the human life from foetus till funeral pyre.
Of late, with new discoveries and inventions in science, application of botany has attained many dimensions. Besides the conventional application of botanical sciences, forensic botany; nanobotany; phytoremideation and phytominimg; environmental impact assessment, seed quality enhancement through priming are the new dominations of applied botany. The industrial applications of botany are in paper pulp, rubber, dye and gum industries. At social front, besides providing the livelihood and employment through cultivation of crops, the branches of botany like community forestry are playing major role in the upliftment of folks. Use of mechanisms of carnivorous plants in plant protection; and management of invasive plants for economic gains and conservation of biodiversity are new challenges in applied botany.
Here, an effort has been made to compile the scientific knowhow and their applicability to utilize plant resources for the benefit of mankind with an emphasis on the modern applications of botany.