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Book Name : Botany of Vegetable Crops

Author Name : Ratikanta Maiti, P. Umashankkar, D. Rajkumar, A. Ramaswamy and P. Vidyasagar

Price : INR 480

Read Sample : Vegetables are our daily dietary supplements as they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Most vegetables are used for nutrition but some even have therapeutic properties used in medicine. There are diverse forms of vegetables in nature, some commonly found in all geographical regions but a few restricted to specific regions. Such species, termed endemic species, have small range of adaptability, hence found growing in small pockets of climatic regions. Thus vegetable crops develop different adaptations either morphologically or anatomically in order to survive under different habitat conditions. Each crop variety has its own distinct range of adaptations that give it a characteristic identity. The present book, Botany of Vegetable Crops, is different from other books on vegetable crops. It discusses on the morphology and anatomy of a few common vegetable plants. Morphological characters help in identifying the plant. It also gives an idea of the different adaptive modifications in the plant. It even mirrors the habitat, the climatic conditions under which it can be cultivated. The anatomical studies of each of the vegetable plant are also being presented here as we believe the morphological characters alone cannot project the adaptations in the plant. They can better be understood when supplemented with the anatomical characteristics unique to individual type of crop. We expect that this book would be of great help to a student of plant sciences, to a research scholar for reference and a good source of information, to a plant breeder, and to the scientific community in general.