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A Guide to Plant Anatomy

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Ratikanta Maiti, A. Ramaswamy and D. Rajkumar

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The present book on Plant Anatomy depicts anatomical aspects of the plant that will help a reader for basic understanding in the evolution of different plant communities.  It plays an important role for adaptation of plant to different biotic and abiotic stress.  It has been documented that some glands, trichomes, epicuticular wax are resistant to insect pests. Similarly, the presence of trichomes epicuticular wax, compactly arranged palisade tissue, collenchyma and sclerenchyma induces drought resistance. So it is necessity of all scientists, especially for breeder, plant physiologist to have the thorough knowledge on plant anatomy for the selection of adaptable cultivars and also for better management of crops. This book covers all the aspects of internal structures of plant with its high resolution microscopic images and drawings of plant parts. The anatomical studies of plants organs are being presented here, as we believe that the morphological characters alone cannot project the adaptations in the plant. They can be better understood when supplemented with the anatomical characteristics, unique to individual type of crop. This text book would be of great help to faculties and scholars in plant as well as agricultural sciences and scientific communities in general as a good source of information and references.