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Research Advances in Vegetable Crops

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Humberto Gonzalez Rodriguez and Ratikanta Maiti

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The book Research Advances in Vegetable Crops is an outstanding contribution of the authors in the field of advancement of the vegetable researches all over the World. The book entitles from the seed germination and its necessity of establishment in the new environment where physiological responses are influenced by both biotic and abiotic factors. Priming is a simple technique that not only helps in proper germination but aid in seedling establishment. Phonotypical and physiological responses of different vegetable crops are of significant importance in relation to factors like nutrients, salinity, disease-pest attacks. Physiological and biochemical basis of tolerance to salinity is very important that may help in the evaluation and selection of pipeline hybrids and parents lines using a novel technique. Biotic factors are major constraints in crop production, so proper management strategies and control measures must be taken for potential outcome. In this book, a special emphasis was given on food value and food chemistry of different vegetable crops. Major aspects like nutritional value of fresh vegetable as well as food value, post-harvest physiology and processing, storage and food quality, medicinal values, food chemistry and food biotechnology have been discussed in lucid manner. Further, research advances in biotechnology of different crops will guide authors in formulating the direction of future research.