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Production and Post-harvest Technology of World Vegetable and Tuber crops

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Ratikanta Maiti and Humberto Gonzalez Rodriguez 

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The book is the compilation of comprehensive study of vegetable and tuber crops Worldwide. In the changing scenario of climate, it is well understood that merely agronomic management practices starting from sowing to nutrient, water, pest and disease management will not be able to produce potential harvest. In present days, growth limiting factors like drought, heat, cold shock, chilling stress, salinity, metal stress, allelopathy have posed alarming threat against successful crop production. So, physiological basis of crop growth and productivity must be well versed to formulate appropriate counter measures to overcome such constraints. Moreover, the productivity of the crop is guided by various physiological processes like efficient seedling growth, photosynthesis and translocation of photosynthates, sucrose accumulation, growth regulators, ABA, ethylene, brassinoid and balanced mineral nutrition etc. Authors have tried to concentrate all these aspects in lucid manner reviewing the up-to-date research investigation. The book widely covers solanaceous crops like chilli, potato, tomato and eggplant; cucurbit vegetables- squash, pumpkin, cucumber, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, muskmelon and watermelon; cole crops- spinach, coriander, parsley, celery, lettuce; root and tuber crops- carrot, turnip, beet root, radish, turmeric, colocasia, cassava, yam, sweet potato; bulb crops- onion, garlic, leeks; leguminous crops- cluster bean, snap bean, green peas, broad bean; other crops like okra, asparagus, shallot, rhubard. It will definitely be a rare book to the global readers.