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Galaxy of Field Crops: Origin, Productivity and Adaptation to Abiotic Stress

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Ratikanta Maiti

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Crop plants have survived for millions of years in the natural environment before selection and domestication. To devise new strategies, we need to go through the histories of their survival and learn from the domestication for identification of traits suitable for the coming agricultural practices. In this context, understanding the botany and physiological basis of survival of these crops so as to sustain these crops under changing soil and climatic conditions. The present book discusses the various aspects of major field crops starting from origin, botany, productivity and also discusses the physiological basis of the adaptation of these crops to various abiotic stresses under sustainable agriculture. A good knowledge of all these aspects is essential for the crop scientists and managers to handle these crops efficiently the abiotic stresses such as drought, heat stresses occurring at different growth stages and adapt suitable management strategy for maintaining yield under sustainable agriculture. This book also discusses various strategies employed by plants to survive in favourable as well as unfavourable environments and possible ways to devise techniques for mass scale screening of breeding materials under abiotic stresses. It is expected that this book will help to develop research strategies for enhancing crop productivity under sustainable agriculture in the coming future.