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Current Issue

  • Studies on Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activity of Wild Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) and Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

    Somesh Sharma, Aman Deep Thakur1, Priyanka Chauhan and Ashok K. Thakur

    Abstract Pages:098-101 Open Access
  • Comparative Study on Carbon Fixation, Leaf Canopy, Leaf Nutrients and Its Possible Relation to Wood Density

    Ratikanta Maiti and Humberto Gonzalez Rodriguez

    Abstract Pages:102-106 Open Access
  • Qualitative Characterization of Xylem Vessels of 23 Woody Trees and Shrubs in

    Northeastern Mexico: Its Significance

    Ratikanta Maiti, Humberto González Rodríguez and Jeff Christofher González Díaz

    Abstract Pages:107-110 Open Access
  • Adoption of Low Cost Technologies for Improving the Productivity of Sugarcane in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh

    Manukonda Srinivas, C. V.  Rama Rao, B. Anusha R. Sarithaand A.Vishnuvardhan Reddy

    Abstract Pages:111-115 Open Access
  • Screening of Pigeonpea Genotypes Against Pod Borer Complex

    R. M. Jalondhara, D. R. Pateland Alok Shrivastava

    Abstract Pages:116-118 Open Access
  • Evaluation of Phytoextracts Against Curvularia Eragrostidis Causing Leaf Tip Blight of Spider Lilly in Vitro Condition

    V. P. Prajapati, N. K. Gajre, D. H. Tandel, A. J. Deshmukh and R. C. Patel

    Abstract Pages:119-120 Open Access
  • Scope of Forage and Fodder Production in the North-eastern State of Tripura, India

    Joy Kumar Dey and Basant Kumar

    Abstract Pages:121-124 Open Access
  • Fertigation in Fruit Crops

    Deepika Singh and Neelam Kumari

    Abstract Pages:125-130 Open Access
  • Diversity of AM Fungi and Their Exploitation for Disease Management in Horticultural Crops in NW Himalayan Region

    Narender K. Bharat

    Abstract Pages:131-133 Open Access
  • Enhancing Rural Areas While Safeguarding Ecosystems through Sustainable Practice of Ecosystem Based Approaches (EBA) with Emphasis on Ecotourism

    Valasia Iakovoglou and George N. Zaimes

    Abstract Pages:134-136 Open Access